Latest News from EMA Events

It seems impossible that we are fast approaching December 2012, where has this year gone?  For the EMA Events team this year has passed in a blur of festivals, launch events and marketing strategies for a diverse range of clients.

It’s been a very hectic year from evening events with MP’s to careers fairs with The Mayor, lots of promotions events, digital marketing creation, press release writing and more.  The summer (using that term loosely!) saw some of our biggest challenges as we delivered a number of outdoor events in muddy fields whilst battling some of the most testing weather conditions, but all were big successes.  You can see what we’ve been up to on our Pinterest page here….

We’ll be updating our blog more frequently with all of the team taking pen to paper (or finger to keyboard!) so watch out for all the latest updates as well.  Expect to see lots of news on our various projects as well as some debate as to the key issues in the event industry today.  2013 is promising to be a busy year for the team so watch this space!

Until next time……..