Pumpkin Patch at Alder Carr Farm

Events and Marketing Manager Becky Dowding shares how she spent October half term week….

“Being part of the team at EMA Events has always had its perks, including the wide variety of projects we are involved with and our fantastic clients.  We’re lucky as the diverse range of experience within the team at EMA Events means that we can turn our hand to any type of event – one day I’m in a suit delivering an international conference and the next I’m in my wellies down on the farm.

Half term week in October saw me digging out the wellies as we delivered Alder Carr Farm’s Pumpkin Patch event.  Everything about Pumpkin Patch was perfectly designed to let kids be kids.  All activities were included in the entry price; from pumpkin carving and mask-making for the artistic to the Maize Maze and hay bale run for those kids (and grown-ups) who are adventurers at heart.  There was a lovingly created Witches House, an aerial runway, a Space Hopper Racetrack and two ponies, patiently taking children up and down the raspberry bushes.  Now does that sound like kid heaven or what?!

photo 5 (2)

If all this in one event wasn’t enough, the weather was unprecedented for the end of October and this brought an unexpected amount of families to come and play in the winter sunshine. It’s a good job all the staff and I thrive under pressure!  Over 2000 Pumpkins were claimed over the course of the week: an average of 400 a day that the staff decapitated and the children carved expressions into. That’s nearly 70 an hour throughout the day!

Of course you can’t mention Pumpkin Patch without a shout out for the Pumpkin Catapult, firing pumpkins for triple-figure yards, and constructed by Alder Carr’s Farmer Barry – the mastermind behind all the activities at Pumpkin Patch.  If you missed it have a look at the video – I spoke to several people who came to the event just because of it, and it really is a thing of beauty! There’s a competition next year; build your own and take it along – watch out for more details soon.

I always love being onsite, whatever the event, but it really was a fantastic way to spend a week.  For 5 days, kids were very happy just being kids, or witches, skeletons or storm troopers, or whoever they wanted to be that day; it was impossible for kids, parents, staff and myself not to have permanent smiles on our faces.  It was a pleasure to be invited, thank you for having us Alder Carr!”

To keep up to date with the team at Alder Carr Farm, take a look at their Facebook page, Twitter feed and their website.  Look out for their Christmas Fayre on the 6th December.