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Christmas party horror? Talk to the experts!

XmasWe can make your Christmas!

Christmas is a time for celebrating, relaxing, enjoying yourself and letting your hair down!

Why is it that so many people don’t get this experience of it?

We know that many parts of the Christmas season need a huge amount of planning.  It’s bad enough at home, but having to do it at work too seems a little unfair!  There’s themes to think of, venues to find, catering to consider – all the while ensuring that it suits everyone.  Sometimes if the planning is your responsibility, you don’t always get to reap the rewards.

Hiring an event agency such as EMA Events can be the answer to lift a lot of the pressure.  Here are three reasons why we think it’s the way to go.

  1. All of the options, none of the hassle.

The last few weeks before Christmas can be hectic making sure that you are ready to close the office for the festive season; your time is precious!  The process can be as simple as starting with a budget and an idea, and watching your event manager bring your vision to life.  Whether it’s a sit down meal for a small number or you’re combining your Christmas party with your office award ceremony for 500 people; the great part about this is you still get the make all the decisions, but the options are brought straight to you without you having to look for them.  You tell us what you want, and we can sort it out for you!

  1. Cashing in on our relationships

Event managers tend to be good people to know, because they know everybody; taking advantage of these relationships that event companies have with venues and suppliers is a great reason to use them.  Agencies will often get preferential rates to secure repeat business, and this saving gets passed on to you. Think of all the places you could save money this way!

  1. Getting someone to do all the hard work!

Even if you normally love planning parties, everyone can agree that it can be difficult to enjoy the party if you’re the one in charge.  It’s no fun to be the one who has to arrive early and stay late, stay sober and check up on everything.  That kind of pressure can be just as much hard work as the planning; that potential for anxiety won’t put anyone in the party mood.

The best solution is a planner who can arrive early and set up, oversee things during your party, and best of all, clear up afterwards!  This way you are free to enjoy the party and act as irresponsibly as you choose!


If you’d like to know more about what we can do to make your Christmas, just get in touch to discuss your needs.


After all, what is the point in a Christmas party if you can’t enjoy it!?