A Year in Events….By Charlotte

Charlotte has been working with the EMA Events team since September 2011 and formally joined the team in April 2012.  Here’s her take on the last year and what she’s looking forward to in 2013……….

“So I started working with Libby in September 2011 and the rest is history…  Now if there’s one thing I’ve learnt this year that’s not how to write a good blog post. I’ll tell a bit more of a story than that (as I hear you sigh)…………

So as I mentioned, in September 2011 I started doing a little work with Libby for a few hours a week as part of a university module I was studying at the time.  The first event I got asked to help with was the GNMA launch evening at Felaw Maltings in Ipswich.  Now here’s a small tip for any budding event managers out there…….. in event management you will do a pretty much everything, random is normal in this industry as I have learnt.  So on that theme at GNMA’s launch party we had to hang drapes, which is harder than it sounds (I’ll write a step by step guide for anyone that wants one!) I’ve also learnt that cable ties may just save your life and that painting straight lines on grass may take more than one attempt to get right.

Things continued to get busier and I was then asked to be involved with the Easter Spectacular at Baylham House Rare Breeds Farm – this was great, I love farms! They had everything going on for this weekend, Easter trails, face painting, BBQ and most importantly, lambs!  As well as assisting with the management of the whole event, I got to have my first experience of car park management (again, not as easy as it sounds).  You’d think bossing cars around would be easy, but it’s crazy – sometimes they don’t listen and you’re left standing in the middle of the field waving your arms around! If you ever have a chance to do some car park management, do it, it’s a good test of patience, skill and organisation (all key to being an event manager).

As it started to get closer to, what we call ‘crazy event season’ Libby asked me to come on board at EMA Events on a permanent basis.  Not only would I be working on the events, I’d be planning them too, as working within the marketing side of the business. During this time we were also in the lead up to the fantastic weekend that is the ‘Glynde Food and English Wine Festival’ in July..although I didn’t know it yet, it was going to be an amazing weekend!

Now….Glynde Food and English Wine Festival….I could write a whole separate blog post on this event!  Let’s just say, the memories are still strong in my mind. I worked with such a great group of people over this weekend and I learnt so much about the industry. I had been involved in the planning of this great event and then to see it in reality all coming together was very surreal but so exciting. There were a lot of ‘firsts’ for me at this event and I developed skills and memories that I will take with me through my career. Needless to say, I am very very excited for Glynde 2013, I know exactly what to expect and love that I can now say ‘last year we did this…’ Because I was there!

Another two events came after our the Glynde Festival including Baylham House Rare Breeds Farm and Food Fair and Standon Calling.  Our event at Baylham was a big celebration of everything local and foodie, apart from the rain – it was great! I learnt to build a coconut shy, and that barn roofs aren’t always as secure as they look when it comes to rain downpours!  It’s all part of the excitement on events..you never know what is going to happen!

I attended Standon Calling as a car park volunteer – I do love the car parking! And the rest of the day I got to enjoy the festival. This was the first time I had attended Standon Calling and I loved it, there was just the right atmosphere to make it a really good event.

From all this excitement, I decided I needed a break and disappeared to America for three weeks, cue the arrival of the lovely Katie who is now on board with EMA permanently.  Katie is in the process of writing her round up of the last few months which will be appearing shortly.

Upon arrival back into the UK I have been doing a lot of photography for our clients to help with the marketing we deliver on their behalf.  I have photographed the lovely Artisan Butcher demonstrating his butchery skills, and more recently, the GNMA 6 week event at Tower Ramparts Ipswich, in which The Mayor of Ipswich and Nick Pandolfi attended the official launch. All our photos can be seen on our Facebook or Pinterest page

September 2011 feels so long ago now – we have done SO much in just over a year, it’s hard to believe only a short amount of time has passed. This has been a journey for me, I now feel like a completely different person, not only has my confidence grown, but my knowledge and experience in events now puts me in good stead to plan future events.

I’m unbelievably exited for 2013 and the events that EMA are going to manage, watch this space everyone, the EMA girls are planning big!